TRANSCAL heat exchangers are installed and used all over the world. Our facilities are located in, among others, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, France, Saudi Arabia, Panama and Morocco. They perfectly meet the needs and requirements of many types of industries. Their facilities are today the best ambassadors of the Transcal exchanger.


Sainte-Hyacinthe QC Canada, Transcal heat exchanger for the food industry

Modular heat exchanger in polished stainless steel for the food industry. A system of metal plates and seals replaces the welding, which ensures a longevity of the device and prevents any risk of mixing between the two fluids, in addition to ensuring a very easy cleaning.

Renault Valladolid, Spain

After many attempts with conventional tubular exchangers, quickly fouled, the Transcal heat exchanger was selected. For more than five years our heat exchanger works without clogging problems.

WIMA Miltenberg am Main

This German company is a manufacturer of steam generators. We have created for this factory a series of heat exchangers adapted to their specific needs.More than 600 heat exchangers have been installed in many industries using steam: heat recovery in laundries, recovery of steam before returning to the feed tank, etc.

Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology (CSEM)

For this high-tech company, we studied and solved a very complicated problem; The electron guns must be cooled, but under an absolute condition that the cooling system does not subject them to any vibration, otherwise the precision necessary for the engraving of chips would be disturbed. In addition, the temperature should be set to an accuracy of ± 0.5 ° C and the total noise of the device should not exceed 42 decibels. After testing the prototype, 15 devices were ordered.

Margot-Paquette Bôle

This company manufactures car wash stations under the name Hypromat. In order to wash cars with hot water (chassis and engines) and to protect high pressure pumps that do not support hot water, we have designed and manufactured small heat exchangers that provide service at a pressure of 100 bar.

Thermal Station of Yverdon-les-Bains

The Thermal Station of Yverdon-les-Bains is known for the quality of its thermal water, sulfur springs arise from the ground at 29 ° C. To exploit this potential energy, a Transcal heat exchanger was coupled with a heat pump.

Suchard San-Sebastian

Swiss chocolate factory, Suchard has a factory that produces white chocolate in Spain. The cocoa butter had an unpleasant taste. After study and tests in our laboratory, we proposed a Transcal exchanger, calculated to eliminate this odor. The result was entirely conclusive.

Acepsa Prilly, yogurt factory

During pasteurization, in most heat exchangers, milk deposits crusts that harden in the exchange tubes. These deposits give a taste of caramel, poorly come for a yogurt manufacture. In order to solve this problem, we have created a system of heat exchange stages and have been able to eliminate this defect.

Refrigerated boats

The banned Freon, due to ozone destruction, has been replaced by various other products. We have supplied ammonia/seawater heat exchangers on request. Transcal heat exchangers' flexibility has allowed them to be installed in tight spaces where conventional heat exchangers could not be installed. The materials have been chosen accordingly, special stainless steel or titanium, has given complete satisfaction.

Coppet College

During the construction of this college, we were asked to recover the maximum energy at the exit of the boilers. Knowing that in general, the fumes at the outlet of boilers have a temperature of about 150 ° C, we have provided exchangers lowering these temperatures to 50 ° C through the recovery of the latent heat of the steam. The acid condensates were brought into a neutralization box. This installation has recovered 40,000 kcal/h or 46.5 kW.

KREBS Switzerland

KREBS in Zurich has ordered a heat exchanger to cool chlorine, a product with a very high aggressivity. We have chosen a heat exchanger with a bundle of titanium tubes and distribution columns coated with natural rubber.


Wet paint stripping facility using N-methylpyrrolidone. Several types of exchangers have been manufactured and installed in this factory: a double-coat rotary column, a thin-film heat exchanger for "bottom-of-column reboiling" and a conventional Transcal heat exchanger for heating the product.

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