A success story

The technology of Transcal heat exchangers was invented in 1972 in Lausanne in Switzerland by Mr. Ernest Ihringer, engineer in thermal engineering and industrial processes. Since that time, Transcal exchangers have been a confirmed success in the industry. Mr. Ihringer is a seasoned engineer, very active in the field of engineering since 1962. He was the first to design and install an incineration plant with a post-combustion chamber for burning dioxins, in Europe (Denmark) in 1965; it was a remarkable success, since then he has installed 32 incineration plants all over Europe. He is the founder and owner of the company Transcal Heat Exchangers SL in Europe, partner of Thermo Transcal inc. in Canada.

Currently Mr. Ihringer is part of the engineering team at Thermo Transcal Inc., a competent and dynamic team, eager to offer to customers high-performance technical solutions at the cutting edge technology.

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The Technology

In industry, it is economically and ecologically beneficial to use all the available thermal energy in the process, rather than producing or purchasing additional energy. The energy is transferred to another part of the process, where it can be used to save energy and reduce the impact on the environment.

In many cases, it is difficult or impossible to heat or cool a fluid directly, so another fluid is used to transfer thermal energy without mixing fluids, hence the need to use a heat exchanger.

In Thermo Transcal inc. we are a professional and specialized team in the design and manufacture of heat exchangers and based industrial processes. Our objective is to satisfy entirely our customers through the careful study of their needs, then the design and manufacture of the heat exchanger that meets the most stringent requirements of the industry, while executing the manufacturing and assembly in a very short time.

Our heat exchangers are adapted to the standards and requirements of the ASME and ASTM standards as well as the most known European standards DIN. They are very reliable, safe and very competitive in terms of cost and time of manufacturing and assembly.

When designing the Transcal heat exchanger, the aim was to improve existing systems on the following points:

  • Optimization of thermal efficiency
  • improved security
  • simplification of construction (modular construction).

In use, the Transcal heat exchangers has proven superior efficiency to conventional heat exchangers in the industry, where the industrial issues are problematics: high viscosity fluids, aggressive fluid, risk of mixture between fluids, fouling, etc.

More than 3000 Transcal heat exchangers are active worldwide, with very satisfied customers